Argh!  It seems that everywhere I go, people are pregnant! 

OK...that's all...

No...that's not all.  OK, someone close to me is pregnant and I've had feelings about it.  I thought that after writing the show, doing the show, performing the show for a while, doing a short film about it, talking to people about the show blah blah blah I would be over it...that my husband, dog and I would go on in nuclear family bliss.  That seeing an ultrasound with a little fetus moving around wouldn't make my heart drop a little.

On the flipside, we have a lot invested in this little baby.  One of those things where we can babysit, get all the benefits, and then send the kid home.  Not too bad all in all.

I guess I still wish that I could have gone through the experience of being pregnant and falling in love with a baby...but I never will.

I even had an irrational thought that I may be pregnant too...a thought that I had to talk myself out of over and over because I knew it wasn't true...I just wished it was.

Don't get me wrong...we're happy for her, excited, and ready to support...

It's just...hard.

Excerpt from Journey to the Center of the Uterus...the fertile memoir

Journey to the Center of the Uterus
A Fertile Memoir
(Of Infertility)

By Kathleen Puls Andrade 


To find out bad news at this point is fairly routine.  I got a call from the IVF nurse telling me that my lining had declined and went from a 4.5 to a 3.6.  Seems as if my uterus has said "That's it!  I've had enough of this abuse!  Put me away...forever!"

So now I'm going off my estrogen yet again but maybe the good thing is that I won't be so obsessed with food, which is a stress response, or at least I hope it is.

I'm tempted to cry but, honestly, my emotions are fairly blunted by now.  I'm starting to get pretty tired of doing this.  I'm looking at younger women and realizing that "I'm just...old!"

We wait for Dr. C to call and tell us what to do.

Pep thinks that we should just "put in the remaining runts" and see what happens.  That's what we call our embryos...the runts.  According to Dr. C, the last surviving embryos in a cycle are usually the runts of the litter because they implant the best embryos first.  The runts can be viable...but probably not in my tiny, peanut sized uterus.  Apparently I have an infantile uterus, which is about the size of an over roasted cashew.  An outdated term according to Dr. C, but accurate nonetheless.

But apparently...even the infantile uteruses expand.  Interesting.

I start looking online to find out why the uterine lining declines.  The Internet is a font of information, misleading and otherwise and...Ah ha!  Uterine Cancer!  Oh my God I have Uterine Cancer!!  I'm a prime candidate!  I have ovulation problems, I'm taking lots of estrogen so I must have unopposed estrogen, no pregnancies...I'm obese...though not in a humongous way (although there would be some who would debate me on And I eat a Western diet!  (Which would make anyone obese.)  So...I'm F'd!  Damn you Wikipedia!

I'm starting to panic a little and realize that I am working myself into a frenzy and that I don't have cancer and that I should really stop looking things up on the web.  I sigh.

I'm tempted to be self-indulgent and feel sorry for myself but I can't because I'm pretty numb to all of this.  My husband, however, always has room for more hope and for yet another plan and I blanch when I hear those plans because I'm really almost over this...but there's a part of me that wants to try something else.  That's why this whole process is so seductive.  There's always one more procedure, one more plan, one more strategy that dredges up hope...again...from the emotional dregs. 

Everyone tells me to be optimistic but I really can't be anything other than pragmatic.

"It is what it is" I keep telling everyone.

"It is what it is."


It's been a while!

It's been a while since I've visited my own blog fer gadsakes!  I've actually been working on another blog about going vegan for Lent.  It's been interesting doing the vegan thing and I haven't really missed meat!

Anyway, on the other front: 

I just took Journey to the Center of the Uterus to Baylor University in TX.  What a great time! My friend is the chair of the theater dept and invited me to come and perform.  Unfortunately we didn't have a huge audience but that was expected because of the recent Christmas break.  Still, it was gratifying to get the response I did from my friend and from the audience.

The students couldn't really relate to the story since, as my friend said, they're doing everything they can not to get pregnant!  And most of the girls hadn't even had a gyne exam. I that old? Still, they appreciated the story and the story of creating the story.  I taught some classes for the students and also discussed the creation of the show which I think was valuable for them.  At least I hope so. 

I had a great correspondence with Kathryn from Waco TX.  In fact, I used her email (with permission) as part of my blog on

Oh, and I have a new blog post featured on Fertility Authority about being childless by choice and how positive that can be.

Check it out if you'd like.

So, anyway...I'm booking the show now and hopefully will get some work that way and also show a different, funnier side of infertility...


The Most Important Reviews Come From the Audience

Read what audiences have said about Journey to the Center of the Uterus

Kathleen’s delivery is pitch perfect – she’s funny, cathartic, poignant, spirited, illuminating, and did I mention funny? Journey approaches the challenges of human experience with humor and pathos. I feel so grateful to live in a city where an abundant talent like Kathleen’s can enliven an already rich theater scene. You don’t want to miss it.”
- Sara Medlin, Producer, PBS “Health Secrets: What Every Woman Should Know”

“As Lead Support Group of Pre-Adoption for Resolve, Chicago Chapter, I am happy to recommend all my members to her show. It talks in sensitive way about a very serious and difficult topic. Couples dealing with infertility will applaud her candid talk, but I also hope that other families will learn, and support their loved ones going through that difficult stage. Bravo to Kathleen for a fantastic show!“
- Gigi Olmstead, Lead Support Group, Resolve – Chicago Chapter

“A very sweet, funny & poignant tale of Kathleen’s first hand experience with infertility. She does a great job describing her journey through the entire process. Men will like this too! Not just for women… Many smiles and laughs with a few serious moments. Kathleen Puls is extremely talented!” 4 out of 4 stars.
- Goldstar Member Review

“AMAZING and FUNNY! My wife and I loved it. I admire [her] talent and courage.”
- Dr. Tarun Jain, Reproductive Endocrinologist

“I thought it was amazing. It kept my attention from beginning to end. The songs, stories and animation were all a great collaboration of telling the story. My expectations were greatly met and surpassed”
-Jessica Rogowski

“Anyone would enjoy it! The animations and songs are great, the after show discussion is very generous…many seemed so happy to share. It offers hope of feeling good one day.”–Kay Malek

“It was hilarious, and full of life. And everyone who has missed it should be sad sad sad and have bruised shins from kicking themselves. But I am SURE there will be more chances!”
-Nancy Sorenson

“I want to let THE WORLD KNOW that this is a truly funny, personal, and inspirational show. Theatergoers should take the time to reward themselves and see the show.”
- Carol Crandall

“Laughed and cried. This isn’t just for women and it’s not just for women with fertility problems. Kathleen is an excellent and creative performer who gives her all…check it out!” 4 out of 4 stars.
- Goldstar Member Review

“For those who have struggled with infertility, this show allows you to laugh (potentially through your tears) at the funny/ridiculous/absurd elements of the process, rather than focus only on the painful ones. But the show has wide appeal for anyone interested in understanding the process many people go through in pursuit of parenthood. And it's just funny, fun, intimate and laid back!” - JillK, Metromix

“What a delightful show! Kathleen is truly multi-talented. Great acting, wonderful singing! One performer, with a multimedia screen and lighting and sound effects, presents the audience with moments of incisive comedy and poignant drama involved in "adventures infertility". If you enjoy laughing out loud one moment and getting teary-eyed the next, see this show.” –Victor Corder, Metromix

Kathleen is incredibly genuine and brave. Especially loved the vocals and characters. Thank you. Your work made us laugh out loud, cry and see hope in spite of the obstacles. Thank you for doing this. –Amber Siler

“EXCELLENT. The show made me laugh and it made me cry. Journey to the Center of the Uterus is a brilliant and unique play about the topic of infertility and takes you on a humorous and sensitive trip through the real-life IVF experiences. Kathleen Puls gives an excellent performance that must be seen. Jeff Award material. Everyone should see this show!” 4 out of 4 stars.
- JGA, Goldstar Member Review


Another lazy Sunday yesterday. There are advantages to not having can entertain each other instead of having to deal with making sure your kids aren't tearing up the house with their boredom. I'm pretty content actually..even if there is still that niggling voice in the back of my head asking me to address the issue of the two remaining embryos.

I'm having a hard time with the idea of destroying them. After all, we went through a lot to get those embryos...including all of the IVF's, IUI's, drugs, hormones bla bla bla. Neither of us are very motivated to do anything about it. Once again, I brought it up and we talk about it but neither of us make the call. However, the donor agy lady says we need to do something about it because we keep revisiting the issue. She makes a good point.

Argh! I'm torn...

But, I'll let you know...